Super Hand

Perfect for Die Casters

The Super Efficient Way To Ease Filing, Polishing, Grinding, And Finishing

Super Hand is ultra small, ultra lightweight; yet performs with the power and efficiency of a much larger tool to meet user requirements of filling, grinding, chamfering, and other jobs. It comes with the quick change tool points, also for the different jobs and materials, letting you work on steel, glass, brass, aluminum, wood and other materials silently, without either vibration or noise.

Model SH-100A
Air Pressure 6kg/sq. cm (85.3 Ibs/sq. in)
Air Consumption 0.24cu. m/min. (6CFM)
Stroke 9mm(0.36")
Speed (stroke) 3700c/mm.
Weight 1.1 kg (2.4lbs)
Length 174mm (6.9")
Max. dia. of tool points 6.3mm (1/4")
Price 310.00
Handles scores of big jobs with speed and ease. Perfectly suited to descaling casted aluminum blades and zinc die casted parts and chamferring of electric motor armatures. Silent operation stems from a double piston alignment, which in addition also delivers the speed, safety and efficiency. It quickly gets a job worked down to size. Another nice thing about this big-little is it's virtually trouble and maintenance free features that pay off in a big savings in day-in day-out usage applications.
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