Air-Powered Abrasive Belt Machine

Model 11000 $485.00
Adjustable speed to 5,800 surface feet per minute (SFPM). Includes 11218 Contact Arm. Note Model 11142 Slow-Speed 1,450 SFPM tool available with 11218 Contact Arm. Slow-speed is ideal for longer belt life when working with titanium and other exotic metals.

Quality Parts Make Quality Tools

  • Features Over 30 specially-designed interchangeable contact arms provide tremendous versatility
  • Grind off contact wheel or platen pad. Finish and polish using slack d belt.
  • Hard and soft Dynapad¨ self-sticking platen pads mount on contact arms for heavy grinding or contour polishing
  • Superior belt tracking and patented design permits use of 1/8", 1/4" or 1/2" wide x 24'' long abrasive belts.
  • Uses coated abrasive, abrasive impregnated non-woven nylon and cloth polishing belts; fast abrasive belt change!
  • Replaces tedious hand filing and sanding: work off-hand or secure in optional 80020 Bench Mount and 11003 Kit below.
  • Work on metal, plastic, fiberglass. composites, rubber glass and stone.
  • Work in areas as small as 3/8" diameter


11001 Versatility Kit $585.00

11000 Dynafile with five contact arms and abrasive belts in a durable case. These contact arms included in Kit: 11213, 11216, 11218, 11219 and 11231. This kit has a designated U.S. Government National Stock Number: 5130011263260. Note: 11143 Slow-Speed Versatility Kit available. Includes Slow-Speed Dynafile with five contact arms and abrasive belts in a durable case.


11003 Dynafile Bench Mount Kit

11000 Dynafile with 11218 Contact Arm; 80020 Bench Mount and 80015 Foot Pedal and Hose Assembly. Includes 11291 Foot Pedal and 11232 Hose (8" long x 3/8" H.D. x 11/16" 0.D.) with two 1/4" NPT fittings.


Bench Mount clamps or bolts to a workbench. Secures the tool and pivots 180ˇ to desired position.

Machine Number
Length Inch (mm)
Machine Weight
Abrasive Belt Size
Air Inlet Thread
Hose Size
Air Pressure
Motor RPM
15" (381)
4" (101)
3 lbs
(1.3 kg)
1/4" NPT
15" (381)
4" (101)
4 lbs
(1.3 kg)
1/4" NPT
1 ,450