Pneumatic Belt Sander
The Most Versatile Belt Sanders Ever Developed


Small, lightweight pneumatic belt sanders that help you sand all jobs, all materials with amazing speed and ease level surfaces contours, even inside corners

Standard Accessories
Model Sanding Belt Hex Wrench Reducer
B-30A Z75#60xlpc Z75#80xlpc.
1pc. PTX NPT 1/4"
B-20C Z75#60xlpc Z75#80xlpc.
Z75#100xlpc. Z75#120xlpc.
1pc. PTX NPT 1/4"
B-10B Z75#60xlpc Z75#80xlpc.
Z75#100xlpc. Z75#120xlpc.
2pcs. PTX NPT 1/4"


B-6B B-10B B-20C B-30A

The idle pulley and belt are the same width for easy sanding in corners and other tight spots.

Free Speed 17,000rpm 17,000rpm 17,000rpm 14,000rpm
Air Consumption 14.1 CFM 14.1 CFM 18.4 CFM 24.0 CFM
Air Pressure 85 psi 85 psi 85 psi 85 psi
Standard Belt Size 1/4-x13" 3/8-x13" 3/4-x20-7/16" 1-3/16 x 21-1/4"
Noise Level 76db (A) 76db (A) 80db (A) 78db (A)
Weight 2.2 lbf 2.2 lbf 3.2 Ibf 6.4 Ibf
Height 2" 2" 2-3/8" 4-1/8"
Length 10-7/16" max 10-7/16" max

11 - 1/4" folded,
18-1/2" max

11-5/8" folded,
19-5/16" max
Price 400.00 425.00 495.00 665.00