Air Turbine Grinder

Constant High Speed Under Variable Load


The model 201 and 202 grinders are pencil style tools designed for easy access in hard to reach areas. The 202 offers the additional advantage of increased power for heavier material removal. Both grinders are equipped with a shutoff valve conveniently located on its hose. The 201 is an excellent tool for intricate grinding applications and are ideal for final cleaning/polishing of materials. The 202 is lightweight and easy to use for light deburring and flash removal on small castings and plastic parts.

General Specifications

Speed RPM

Power Rating HP (KW)
.2 (.15)
.55 (.41)
Inlet Air Pressure
90 PSI (6.2Bar)
90 PSI (6.2Bar)
Air Consumption-Idle cfm (L/s)
3 (1.42)
12 (5.66)
Air Consumption-Full Load cfm (L/s)
8 (3.78)
21.5 (10.15)
TIR Collet Held Shank
Less than .001" (.03mm)
Less than .001 " (.03mm)
Sound Level
Less than 78 dBa
Less than 78 dBa
Max Shank Capacity
1/8" (3mm)
1/8" (3mm)
Standard Equipment: 1/8" collet, collet wrenches, rear exhaust, 5' air supply assy. w/slide valve and 1/4" NPT air supply fitting. No oil.